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Midnight Climax Paranormal Bundles



Unleash your inner beast with this sexy paranormal erotica bundle.

The Succubus Ritual: David wants a paranormal lover. Meridiana has something else in mind.

When the powerful succubus Meridiana is called to Lucifer's office, she's elated to find out people are summoning succubi again! Her first victim is a man named David.

David seems like a normal fellow, who enjoys video games and working out. It doesn't make sense that such a handsome man would need to call upon a succubus to get laid, until Meridiana overhears him talking on the phone. The conversation reveals that David called on her after a dare!

When she finds out the jade David will be using is a fake, her wicked mind whirs with ideas of how to torture David while still giving him sexual pleasure.

Sex With The Beast: She's a stripper. He's a werewolf. Neither of them expected to fall into obsession.

Belle is like a princess when she gets up on that stage, enchanting even the most hard-hearted men. When kind and manly Jack goes to a strip club to celebrate his birthday with a group of co-workers, he expected just a normal lap dance.

What he got instead was obsession. What Belle got was a fear for her life. Neither of them seem able to control themselves around each other.

Belle just wants to focus on her studies. She isn't ready to lose her virginity. She refuses him and thinks that's that, until she's abducted and finds herself in a huge library... with a beast breathing down her neck.

A Succubus's Sexual Awakening: A mysterious senior society at an ancient college. A beautiful High Priestess with a secret agenda. 15 hopeful new members of a magical sorority.

Idola Song is the High Priestess of the Sisters of Lilith, a sorority that has existed for over 200 years, opens her Eden to 15 new seniors of Dunwich College. Each girl must confess her sexual encounters in order to join... but will these stories actually give power to something more evil than they ever imagined?

The first confession comes from a young succubus, Lilybella, who learns about how strong her powers of seduction are in the worst possible way.

This scandalously graphic, sexual bundle includes the following themes:
Anal sex
A hot strip tease
Mind control
Secret societies

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