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Handlers Of Dragons

320 pages5 hours


Buckle up, dark fantasy lovers. The Daughters Of Seth Prophecy has officially begun. Get ready for murder, mayhem, side-splitting laughs and naughty behaviour.
We delve deeper into the magical realism of the Afterlife, fighting things that go bump in the night. With the bombshell of their Guardian paternity sinking in, the Dragons of Ankh have been told Second Tier rules no longer apply. What could go wrong? Zach and Kayn are figuring out the Dragon Handler bond. Her sexy connection with Frost is undeniable, and her Ex is in her head, literally. Dragon shenanigans commence, and they find themselves on a Dragon Handler Road Trip slash immortal timeout. Dark comedy ensues as their paternity puts the Dragons on every supernatural creature’s hit list. It’s a #HardKnockAfterlife
Warning... The information contained within this book is not intended for mere mortals. Reading this may inadvertently trigger a Correction. If you survive or have shown great bravery during your demise, you may be given a second chance at life by one of the three Guardians of the in-between. For your soul's protection until your 18th year, you must join one of three Clans of immortals living on earth... Ankh, Trinity or Triad. You are totally still reading this, aren't you? You've got this. Welcome to the Children Of Ankh Series Universe.

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