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Growing Up Gamer: A Video Game Memoir

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Wax nostalgic over classic video game consoles like the NES and Super Nintendo. Relive fighting with siblings, joining local video game tournaments, and making new friends thanks to a mutual interest in Mario Kart. Explore the frustrations that ensue when trying to get into the game industry and then ultimately trying to make it as an indie game developer on the Xbox 360 and Steam. Journey to China to teach English, where a Game Boy or Nintendo DS is sometimes the only thing keeping a lonely expat sane.

From 8-bit graphics to sprawling 3D worlds, Growing Up Gamer is a touching breakdown of several video game consoles from the past 30 years. Frequently funny, sometimes sad, and always honest, this "gamer memoir" highlights real-life milestones and how they were shaped by or relate to various gaming experiences. Whether it's picking flowers in Harvest Moon or performing kickflips in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, every game plays an important, often life-changing role.

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