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The Pierced Tales



Ben's passion is art, tattoos specifically. He's the type that runs through women like a chain smoker runs through cigarettes, the latter of which he is also guilty of. Teenagers irritate the hell out of him, all except his little brother and his brother's best friend. This doesn't change when he meets William Moore, who irritates him more than any kid he's ever met in his life, but oddly enough he finds himself spending as much time as possible around him and trying to figure him out. Will doesn't seem to have a care in the word, is a bit eccentric, and is full of energy. He doesn't seem to know the difference between people his age and those older than him, and will say just about anything to anyone. After meeting Benjamin Jenkins, though, he finds himself almost watching what he says and caring about how his actions and words effect his new acquaintance. He finds himself being genuinely sweet for the first time in his life.

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