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Tumbleweed and Daggers - MC Biker Menage Romance

50 pages42 minutes


Terry Tumbleweed was having a weird day. The attempted robbery was bad enough. But then the beginning of a war in her parking lot, becoming a target in the same war and then falling for two guys at once - it was not what she had planned for her day, she would have remembered. 

Of course she then had to defend herself from all of those things, including her desire for the president and second-in-command of the Daggers. The Daggers were a motorcycle club that counted her store as inside their territory. 

If only the Dragons, another club, did not want the territory as well, all things would be good. Of course they did want it and she was the pawn. She just could not figure out if she was the pawn of her desires for love or excitement. Either way, the mixture of Tumbleweed and Daggers would be unpredictable she knew. 

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger! 

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