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Living Supernatural In The Natural World: Never Underestimate Your Ability

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Our definition of reality is often limited to our five senses and our experiences, but for Diane Wargalla, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In Living Supernatural in the Natural World: Never Underestimate Your Ability, Diane introduces your innate ability to connect with the Universe, the weather, the person beside you, and those who have traveled even farther. Diane shares her personal experiences as both a medium and an empath, from early childhood through her adult life, to create a broad picture of what you are capable of as a spirit having a human experience. Additionally, Diane provides practical application for daily living, so it becomes as natural as breathing. From raising your frequency to opening your mind through meditation, Living Supernatural in the Natural World takes on the idea that only a few individuals have these abilities. Instead, Diane reminds you that your abilities are not limited to your five senses, that there is something more to explore and that you have the power to create. Let this book be the first step on your journey to transform your life, creating the one that you have always desired!

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