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Pulse (A Jack Sigler Thriller)

439 pages8 hours


Imagine a world where soldiers regenerate and continue fighting without pause, where suicide bombers live to strike again and again. This is the dream of Richard Ridley, founder of Manifold Genetics, and he has just discovered the key to eternal life: an ancient artifact buried beneath a Greek-inscribed stone in the Peruvian desert.
When Manifold steals the artifact and abducts archeologist Dr. George Pierce, United States Special Forces Delta operator Jack Sigler, callsign King, and his “Chess Team” give chase. Formed under special order from the president, they are the best of America’s Special Forces, tasked with antiterrorism missions against any threat—ancient, modern, and at times, inhuman. With cutting-edge weapons, tough-as-nails tactics, and keen intellects, they stand alone on the brink, facing the world’s most dangerous threats.
Ridley’s plan to create unstoppable soldiers has just made him threat number one. Tension soars along with the body count as the team faces high-tech security forces, hordes of “regens’, and a resurrected mythological predator complete with regenerative abilities, seven heads, and a savage appetite. The Chess Team races to save Pierce, and stop Manifold before they change the face of genetics—and human history—forever.
Heart-pounding action combines with adrenaline-charged suspense in the first of international bestselling author Jeremy Robinson’s smart, sharp series featuring the Chess Team.

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