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Christmas Tidings

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A Touch of Magic –
Devon Alexander intends to hide away this Christmas. Forget the terrible memories of the last holiday. She couldn’t bear to relive the past. Until she finds a Christmas angel looking for a new mommy.
Chase Kennedy’s little daughter has run away from home and he’s frantic with worry. When he gets a call saying his daughter has been found, he goes to collect her and meets the most beautiful woman he’s ever met.
Can little Sara bring a touch of magic to both their lives?

A Viking for Christmas –

Ericka Norn hasn’t had a lot of luck in finding the right man. But then, she’s always been more interested in the past than the present. Case in point...her Christmas gift to herself is a twelfth-century Scandinavian coin from a collector’s shop. She certainly didn’t expect the purchase to send her back in Time to 1140 AD Norway...or to one sexy Viking.
Having lost half his crew on a sea raid, Wolfe Larson knows no Valkryrie will ever come to escort him to Valhalla. Still, he has a need to atone for what he sees as his ultimate failure. When he finds a confused, red-headed woman hiding in a fishmonger’s shed, he thinks maybe Hel, the goddess of the Underworld, has sent him a path to redemption. But he never dreamt that the road might lead to the 21st century.

Santa’s Own Angel –

When a fallen angel gets assigned to help save Christmas, Santa has his hands full.
Donna is surprised to discover Santa really does exist, but the childhood stories she’d grown up with concerning Christmas and Santa were mostly just myths. Saint Nick is younger and more attractive than she’d expected. He’s also discouraged, cranky, and giving up on Christmas. In fact, he’s flat out quit his job. She’s been sent back to help him and if she fails, there will be no more Christmas.
Not to mention—if she fails her mission, how will she get back to Heaven?

The Christmas Shop –

Maeve Brennan has lost everything she holds dear: her husband, her three children, and finally her home.
Micheál Lynch has one dream: bringing Christmas back to his three young children. He’ll do anything to achieve that dream, even if it means risking his own life.
Can some tiny Christmas angels unite these two lonely souls and bring them a real Christmas...and love?

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