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Becoming Me - the Journey of Self Acceptance

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Being an Adult Baby is not what anyone would choose – if such a choice were even possible. While we can enjoy some of the aspects of being ABDL, the strong desires and unquenchable drive to regress and to become as if we were infants again, is uncomfortable, confusing and for many, quite disturbing.

But we are not given this choice. It is instead, imposed upon us during the misty, unknowable times of our actual infancy and it leaves us craving a return back to that spot in our history when we were real babies. 

In this book, Dylan Lewis explores self-acceptance and self-image by addressing who we are inside and the conflicts and failures that have made us who we are. He then leads us on a journey to finding a path back to wholeness.

If you are an Adult Baby, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for your library.

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