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Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith

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Many Christians find witnessing for Jesus Christ to be a difficult thing because they are not able to explain why the Christian faith is a reasonable faith.   This apologetics e-book provides a concise introduction to answering 10 key objections from atheists or agnostics to the Christian faith:• Why do the innocent suffer?• Don't all religions lead to God?• What about the heathen?• Isn't the Christian experience only psychological?• Are the miracles possible?• Isn't the Bible full of errors?• Won't a good life get me to heaven?• How can you believe in hell and a God of love?• Hasn't science done away with the need for faith?• What about all the bloodshed in the name of religion?

Bible teacher, missionary and radio broadcaster, Brian Johnston's conversational and down to earth approach provides a number of insightful illustrations and Biblical references which all Christians can use in their personal evangelism and outreach - to help them give "a reason for the hope that is within us" as well whet the appetite for further research on each question in greater depth.

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