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When Hearts Cry: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #2

When Hearts Cry: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #2

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When Hearts Cry: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #2

5/5 (1 rating)
59 pages
48 minutes
Nov 17, 2018


Natalie may have to save Elias' life all over again. With the sound of the gunshot still ringing in her ears, she's thrown into flashbacks of bad dreams and heartbreaking memories. At the same time, she comes to understand and realize a harsh reality: some people just can't be helped no matter how hard you try to help them. No matter how much time you devote to them. No matter how much you love them. And boy does she love him...

If dealing with Elias wasn't enough, she learns from Cadence that their mother, Mildred, is in the hospital again. How much stress can a woman take without completely losing it?

* * *

The 'Mine By Default' Mini-Series is a cliffhanger series. Each book will be a continuation or a 'new episode'. For the best reading experience, you will need to read this series in order.

Book 1 - Been In Love With You 
Book 2 - When Hearts Cry
Book 3 - You Belong To Me
Book 4 - When I Call You Mine
Book 5 - Who Do You Love?
Book 6 - Forever Mine

Nov 17, 2018

About the author

TINA MARTIN is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of over 70 romantic suspense novels, novellas and short stories. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.tinamartin.net

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When Hearts Cry - Tina Martin

Chapter One

The loud pop of the single gunshot nearly rendered Solomon unconscious on the muggy, New Orleans night. When he arrived at Eli’s house, he knew his brother was in a bad way, especially after getting into an argument with Natalie. He never imagined the situation would escalate to this – to Eli sitting in the living room with a gun to his head. To make matters worse, Natalie, the woman Eli blamed for all of this – the woman who made his life enjoyable and miserable at the same time – had arrived and was still inside with Eli.

And now, after Eli had forced Solomon to step outside, there was a single blast inside of the house.

Eli! Solomon yelled, fear tearing through his heart like his life was in danger. Adrenaline pumping fiercely, he ran for the door, with so many thoughts running through his head. What if Eli shot himself? What if he accidentally injured Natalie? What if?

Solomon pushed the door open, darted around the foyer then rushed over to where his brother and Natalie were – on the floor in front of the loveseat. Eli’s upper body was lifelessly slumped over, draped over Natalie like a lazy quilt. She was crying hysterically, and Eli wasn’t moving.

Eli! Solomon shouted again when his brother didn’t move at all. He lifted him from Natalie, and it felt like he was lifting dead weight.

Natalie wasn’t helping. She was in tears, sobbing uncontrollably. Eyes drenched. A trembling mess. A complete wreck.

Using all the strength he could muster, Solomon finally pulled Eli up, lowering him to the seat again after he did so. Eli! he shouted again, shaking him while frantically searching for a bullet wound. Blood. A sign he’d been shot. Something. When he didn’t see anything, he looked at Natalie. Natalie, I heard a gunshot. What happened?

Natalie was too distraught to talk. Her nerves were all over the place. Her thinking clouded.


She looked at Solomon with trembling lips and limbs. She could barely hear anything over the loud, deep-pounding heartbeats that seemed to vibrate from her chest straight up to her ears, accompanying the ringing that had infiltrated her canals from the loud gunshot.

What happened? Solomon asked, but it came out more like an angry yell.

I pu-pu-pushed the gun away from him. I tried to knock it out of his hand, b-but, she took a breath and felt sick all of a sudden.

Is he hurt? Are you hurt?

Natalie clenched herself. Held her stomach. I tried to knock the gun out of his hand, but it went off anyway. Natalie wiped tears from her eyes, still on her knees, looking up at Eli slumped over in the chair where Solomon had laid him. Eli?

He looked back at her with the saddest, bloodshot eyes she’d ever seen on a man. On anyone. Allie...I’m sorry. I’m so sor— he said, his words interrupted by his own distorted, broken voice.

Oh, Eli. Natalie pulled him into her arms, listening while he cried out in pain, feeling his body shake against hers. His tears dampening her neck. His wails had since calmed down to whimpers. Still, the knowledge that he’d been crying shattered her heart. It’s okay, Eli, Natalie said, trying her best to console him for his sake and her own. She couldn’t take much more. It’s okay, Eli.

No. It’s not okay, Solomon said in a frustrated breath. What makes you think any of this is okay?

I’m trying to calm him down, Solomon, and you’re not helping whatsoever, Natalie snapped.

Don’t you think we ought to call someone? I’m sure the neighbors heard the gunshot. They probably already called the cops.

You don’t know that for certain.

Solomon shook his head. This is ridiculous," he hissed in a monotone.

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