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You Belong To Me: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #3

You Belong To Me: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #3

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You Belong To Me: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #3

4.5/5 (3 ratings)
95 pages
1 hour
Nov 17, 2018


Will Natalie Romain become Natalie Leaumont? If Eli has his way, she will... 

Eli has stated his case and presented Natalie with the ultimate ultimatum. Now, the ball is in her court and the decision is not easy. Answering him with a yes or no both have their own set of consequences. Does Natalie love Eli enough to give in to his wishes? Does she have enough willpower to listen to her mind and not her heart?

Dive into book three to witness how these best friends evolve into something weirdly irresistible and deliciously entertaining. And just when things seem to be semi-normal, SOMEONE in their lives do not want to see them together in the biggest plot twist yet!

* * * 

The 'Mine By Default' Mini-Series is a cliffhanger series. Each book will be a continuation or a 'new episode'. For the best reading experience, you will need to read this series in order. 

Book 1 - Been In Love With You 
Book 2 - When Hearts Cry 
Book 3 - You Belong To Me
Book 4 - When I Call You Mine
Book 5 - Who Do You Love?
Book 6 - Forever Mine

Nov 17, 2018

About the author

TINA MARTIN is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of over 70 romantic suspense novels, novellas and short stories. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.tinamartin.net

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Book Preview

You Belong To Me - Tina Martin

The Mine By Default Mini-Series is a cliffhanger series that centers around the lives of best friends, Elias (Eli) Leaumont and Natalie (Allie) Romain. Each book is a new episode, sort of like your favorite TV series. For the best reading experience, please read these books in order.

Mine By Default Mini-Series Books:

Book 1 – Been In Love With You

Book 2 – When Hearts Cry

Book 3 – You Belong To Me

Book 4 – When I Call You Mine

Book 5 – Who Do You Love

Book 6 – Forever Mine



Chapter One

"Nat, you do know you can say no, right? Cadence asked. You don’t have to do this."

Natalie folded her leg underneath herself as she sat on the soft, leather sofa in Cadence’s living room. She had filled Cadence in on Eli’s proposal last night, waiting for her sister to give her some advice. Instead, Cadence hit her with a question, and was quietly staring at her, waiting for an answer.

I know I don’t have to do this, but—

And he’s given you twenty-four hours to give him an answer? Cadence interrupted to ask.

Yes. Twenty-four hours which means that before eight-thirty tonight, I have to give him an answer. Natalie rubbed her clammy hands together. The knots in her stomach wasn’t aiding in her decision-making process, and so far, neither was Cadence. Be honest, Cadi. You don’t think I should do it, do you?

Cadence massaged her temples. I swear you and your little police officer, boy-toy are going to drive me into an insane asylum. Cadence picked up a glass of wine, taking a long sip.

Well, imagine how I feel, Cadi. I’m actually living it.

After Cadence set the glass back on the table, she asked, What do you feel you need to do, Nat? What does your gut tell you?

Natalie shrugged. I know what my heart wants, but my mind is telling me something totally different.

Cadence tossed some peanuts inside of her mouth. She chewed for a moment, then mumbled with a mouthful, Okay, well, let’s talk this through. What does your heart want?

Natalie took a scrunchie from her wrist, finger-combed her hair into a ponytail and secured her hair. My heart wants to protect him...wants to make sure he’s okay. I don’t want to lose my best friend. He means so much to me, Cadi. I can’t walk away from him again. I nearly lost him two weeks ago when I told him I needed space. If I don’t accept his proposal, I shudder to think how he’ll respond.

You can’t control the actions of another person.

"You’re right, but I can control my actions, and if I feel like my actions will harm him, then I have to think carefully and responsibly about the decision I make. That’s why this is so difficult."

Cadence took a deep breath. Okay. So, based on what you just said, it sounds to me that your heart is saying yes, which means your mind must be saying no. Am I right?

Natalie nodded. You’re right.

So talk to me about why your mind is telling you not to do this.

"Several reasons...main one being the way Eli asked me. It came across like an ultimatum...like marry me woman, or this friendship is over."

Oh, that’s exactly what it was, Cadence said.

"He knows how much I love him...how much our friendship means to me. How much he means to me."

So besides the ultimatum, what are your other reasons for wanting to say no?

It just feels weird. He’s my best friend, and he’s a cop. My mind tells me I shouldn’t put myself through the torture, especially after what happened to dad and seeing how broken up mom is over his death even to this day. Ugh... Natalie buried her face in her hands. I don’t know what to do, Cadi.

I know what you should do. Ask yourself, is your mind winning this battle or your heart?

I know the answer to that already, she said, her hands still hiding her face.

With raised brows, Cadence asked, Which is?

Gosh, Cadi, Natalie said, dropping her hands in her lap. A small smile appeared on her face. When Eli kissed me, I felt every emotion he felt. I felt lightheaded...like I no longer had control over myself. I’ve never felt that way before.

Cadence let out a wine-induced giggle. Goodness, gracious, sis. Yeah, you may as well marry him. He got you gone.

Cadi, be serious.

I am serious. Accept his proposal. Marry him.


Because you will never love another man the way you love Elias Leaumont. And maybe it’s due to the circumstances surrounding how you two met. Maybe some things are meant to be. All I know is, you’re miserable without him, he’s miserable without you...it only makes sense for you two to be together.

Natalie didn’t need time to think about Cadence’s suggestion. Her sister was one-hundred percent correct. There wasn’t a man on earth who could come close to the love and compassion she felt for Eli. Even now as she sat on the couch, discussing him, her mind was adrift with visions of the way Eli had taken a kiss from her. The way moans emerged from the deep well of their throats. The way he nibbled at her lips when he didn’t want to let her go. Just the memories of the kiss had shivers snaking down Natalie’s spine. If Eli could do that to her with just a kiss, how could she handle anything else he had to offer?


Then there was the look in his eyes after the kiss ended – dark, enigmatic and possessive, serving as a warning that he wanted more. He always had, she found out, and he made it clear that he wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted. Wouldn’t stop until he made her his possession.

Umm...hello. Natalie, is anyone home? Cadence asked when Natalie grew quiet.

Natalie came out of her reverie, looking at her sister. Cadence was steadily tossing peanuts inside of her mouth, chewing like she missed dinner. Maybe she was on one of her diets again.

Cadence raised her eyebrows. Well?

"You’re right. Yes. I will never love another man as much as I love Eli. In my heart I know that, and he knows it, too. Natalie sighed. But I’m worried about Eli’s self-esteem issues. I

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