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When I Call You Mine: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #4

When I Call You Mine: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #4

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When I Call You Mine: Mine By Default Mini-Series, #4

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101 pages
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Nov 17, 2018


Love conquers all things...

Natalie faces one of the toughest times of her life, having to deal with the death of a loved one. She's confused. Scatter-brained. Angry. Not only is she coping with tragedy all over again, but she has to somehow find a way to do it while realizing that the man who vowed to love her, Elias Leaumont, is a LIAR. If he could lie to her face and persuade her to marry him, what else was he capable of?

Leave it up to Solomon, his own brother, and that answer would be murder...

Natalie doesn't feel that Eli could harm a soul, but with Solomon's words ringing loud and clear in her ears, she's unsure of what or who to believe. Will Eli's clear, undeniable, unmistakable love prompt Natalie to TRUST him with all of her heart, or will it leave room for doubt that maybe Solomon has been right all along?

* * *

The 'Mine By Default' Mini-Series is a cliffhanger series full of suspense. Each book will be a continuation or a 'new episode'. For the best reading experience, you will need to read this series in order.

Book 1 - Been In Love With You
Book 2 - When Hearts Cry
Book 3 - You Belong To Me
Book 4 - When I Call You Mine
Book 5 - Who Do You Love?
Book 6 - Forever Mine

Nov 17, 2018

About the author

TINA MARTIN is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of over 70 romantic suspense novels, novellas and short stories. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.tinamartin.net

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Book Preview

When I Call You Mine - Tina Martin

Chapter One

Natalie made herself a prisoner in her bedroom, more specifically, in her bed, sick to her stomach for four days.

Not one. Not two. Not three. Four.

And still that wasn’t long enough to cure her crushed, grievous heart. If time healed wounds, she would need an eternity because her mother was gone, and there could never be any real healing from the death of one’s mother.

Plans Eli had made for them to spend a week at his parent’s home were put on hold. Eli, himself, had been put on hold by her after what she’d learned about him from Solomon. She avoided talking to Eli, even though he tried to strike up conversations with her – the typical how are you?, can I get you something?, I’m worried about you conversations. All Natalie needed right now was her messy, yet comfortable bed and nothing more. Not her husband of four days. Not her sister. Just the bed.

Four days.

In those four days, Natalie hadn’t showered, brushed her teeth or combed her hair. She didn’t have a bite to eat. She didn’t talk, hadn’t said a word to Eli and didn’t bother answering her phone. She hadn’t said a word to anyone. She stayed in bed, under the covers, in isolation.

Eli tried to comfort her, but every time he attempted to put his arms around her, she pushed him away. She wouldn’t say a word. She just nudged him, then went back into hiding beneath the covers. Her mother was dead, and she was having the hardest time coming to terms with that.

She tried convincing herself that she was caught up in a bad dream – that there was no way, at age twenty-five, she’d lost both her mother and father – but it wasn’t a dream. It was her reality. It didn’t matter how long she went without showers or decided to hide in bed – that reality wasn’t going to change.

Last night she dreamt she found her mother lying lifeless on the ground, just like she had saw her that night in real life. She kneeled down next to her and cried, still wearing her wedding gown. The dream ended with her waking up in a cold sweat.

Hours later, when she was finally able to get back to sleep, she dreamt she saw her father being shot.

She woke up in a cold sweat.

She dreamt about Eli lying in a pool of blood.

She woke up in another cold sweat, her heart beating furiously.

Allie, Eli said, sitting on the bed next to her. He tugged at the covers so he could see her face. He then reached for her hand, but she snatched it away. Allie, Cadence is on the way here. She said she’s been trying to call you.


Not one word came from her mouth in response to him. Natalie wasn’t even looking at him, let alone trying to carry on a conversation. She just stared blankly off at nothing – an empty spot on the wall in her bedroom – curling her body into the fetal position.

Eli frowned. He’d already known Cadence had been trying to call Natalie. He checked her phone every night since her mother died to see what calls Natalie was missing. Along with Cadence’s calls, there were a few from his mother and a couple of numbers he didn’t recognize. He even saw a missed call from Solomon which took him by surprise.

Trying to be understanding, he decided not to bother her with phone calls and allow her to go through this – this misery for the last few days, but he didn’t like being shut out. He loved Mildred, too. Of course Natalie and her sister would take their mother’s death hard, but why was Natalie pushing him away, like he was somehow at fault? All he wanted to do was be there for her. Why couldn’t she see that?

I need you to talk to me, he told her with a voice full of concern. He didn’t care that she hadn’t showered or that the room had a stale, sickly smell to it. He needed her to talk to him. Allie, I—

He paused.

What was the point of talking when she clearly wanted to be left alone? He wanted – no – he needed to pull her into his arms and make her see that they could get through this together. Somehow, he knew doing so would overwhelm her. She preferred grieving alone. Without him. Without anyone.

When Eli heard the doorbell, he strolled to the door, unlocked and opened it.

Where is she? Cadence said upon stepping into the foyer.

Cadence, listen. She’s not well.

I’m not well either, Eli, Cadence said, with bloodshot, sad eyes and a red nose. Her voice sounded nasally like she had a cold. Or maybe she’d made herself sick from grief.

I know you’re not, Eli said, But Allie is taking this hard. She won’t get out of bed. All she does is sleep. She hasn’t eaten in four days. Have you eaten, Cadence?

I forced myself to eat some soup last night.

Listen, maybe you should just go and come back at another time, Eli said.

No. I know Natalie. She’ll regret it if she doesn’t help me with these funeral plans, and I would rather piss her off now instead of listen to her cry about it later. Besides, I can’t do this alone, Eli. I need her to help me, Cadence said, smearing tears across her face. I have to talk to her. Where is she? Is she still in bed?


Cadence forged pass Eli to the bedroom where she saw the figure of her sister underneath the covers. Natalie had her entire body wrapped up – even had the covers pulled up over her head. The room was a disaster. A wasteland of clothes was on the floor, along with shoes.

Natalie, Cadence said, walking over to the bed, tugging at the covers.

Go away, Natalie said in a hoarse, robotic-like voice.

Just to hear her say something was a good sign for Cadence since she hadn’t been able to reach her by phone. And it was an improvement as far as Eli was concerned. He was standing in the doorway looking on in a supervisory type way. His woman, his sweet princess, had become motherless the very same day he married her. And then her mother had died in the front yard of his parent’s home. A full-circle tragedy. How would they ever get past that?

Their wedding was ruined. Future anniversaries would always and forever be marred by the day Mildred passed. Anniversaries were supposed to be happy occasions, but theirs would always be a sad one, marked by visits to lay fresh flowers on a grave. Visits to his parent’s home would always open old wounds. He doubted if Natalie would ever step a foot at his parent’s house ever again.

Natalie, you have to get up and get out of this bed, Cadence said. She remembered completely losing it the day she found her

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