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The Heartbreaker: Breaking All The Rules, #3

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One bad boss. One regrettable night. One laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!

I moved to New York to prove to everyone that I could — that I wasn't the baby they all thought I was. So landing a plum job working for Logan Cartwright at the prestigious Cartwright Diamonds should have been a dream come true. 

Then I show up for my first day, and my new boss has no idea who I am. He thinks I'm the Muffin Girl (whatever that is.) 

Turns out, he only hired me because he thought I was a guy. (Thanks Mom and Dad, for naming me Blake. #notawkwardatall) 

But I'm not letting go that easily. I need this job, and I'm damn well going to fight for it. 

Even if Logan Cartwright happens to be the boss from hell. 

Even if he keeps looking at me with those smoldering blue eyes. 

Even if he kisses me in his limo. And again in his office. 

Even if he happens to drive me equal parts crazy and wild.

Logan Cartwright might have a reputation to uphold — heartbreaker, tycoon, jackhole — but I have something to prove, too. 

Let's see who breaks first. 

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