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Only in New York

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Only in New York

Length: 294 pages2 hours


Among these 36 unforgettable short stories, you will learn how to buy fireworks in the back-alleys of Chinatown from Yong Wo, how the author met Mafia boss, John Gotti, enjoying a 2" prime steak at his favorite restaurant before he had his guest whacked.

Read about how Rosie, a sassy Puerto Rican waitress, served greasy bologna omelets to two filthy-rich garment salesmen haggling over bolts of fabric and hear Bennett, a retired judge, reminisce about his wife on Pippen Court, a 200-year old patch of Federalist Houses, now surrounded by midtown skyscrapers.

These are powerful stories of a Manhattan that is almost gone. If you want to really know New York, you really must read this book.
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