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The First North Man

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Do not read this book if you do not like explicit and erotic sex and shear brutal violence or suffer with any of the below.
A weak heart. Light headedness. Weak constitution. Faint easily. Dislike violence. Hate shocks.
Scare easily. Do not like the thought of blood and most of all if you are likely to be aroused in public.

Molly Wentworth was a female bare knuckle fighter and was a big young woman with even bigger tits along with a ferocity and rage to match. She met Albert Turner, a young butcher after she had fought in a brutal bare knuckle fight with Big Liz McGovern, which she lost. After Albert had murdered a local bully in defence of her they fled London joining a circus to escape.
Molly would have many fights and sexual encounters in her life as well as being sexually abused by more than one man. The Prince regent’s abuse she’d expected but not his butler Jenkins, he would suffer later she would see to that. While in the circus she fought many woman but none more so than her encounter in Colchester with a huge woman Brenda Brent.
While there Albert had his first threesome with Molly and Reni, soon after Molly gave birth to her only baby, he was a big bouncing boy, they had decided to change their names at his christening to North and so started the Legend and Titian of his time that was The First North man.
George North.
George excelled at fighting even at a young age and had his mums rage and ferocity along with Albert’s dads temper. He had his first paid fight at the tender young age of four and never looked back, losing would only make him return and fight until he’d won, for him the thirst for revenge was all consuming.
Albert was later murdered by two crooked policemen and upon his return to the Eastend of London from the trenches of the First World War, George and Molly set about revenging Albert. The two policemen were found and brutally murdered, at the hands of George and Molly. A takeover in north London of the Fellers doorman by George and big Ron Gould, this meant a brutal fight, and after he beat the best and so called toughest doorman in England they controlled them all.
Molly was shot and died in their butchers shop by Alex Feller and Hamish McNeil. His despair and thirst for revenge was unquenchable, he would find and kill them or die himself. There would be no mercy for them, you don’t take from George what he is not prepared to give.
George had met and married Alice Bettis and now Molly was gone she was the only person who possibly could control the raging monster inside George. He set about finding the two men, McNeil was killed in Scotland while Alex Feller had fled to the USA to escape George. It didn’t work out that way and after killing him in Boston he fought and beat Finley Fitzpatrick, the biggest Irish black man anyone had ever seen, on top of his size he had an Irish accent and the highest pitched voice ever, he sounded like a cat with its balls in a vice when he spoke.
Setting off on a tramp steamer home George encountered the twins Mini and Maxi, two over sexed and the most sexually outrageous women anyone could have share a bed with. These girls would take it to the limit and then some, there was nothing they wouldn’t try or have already done sexually, and saying no just wasn’t in their vocabulary.
George North now ran all the doors on the North side of the Thames and was without doubt the hardest man in the UK if not the world. He was unmatched in ferocity, rage, power and speed, a man no one wanted fight. All was going well as he now had a daughter Al and a son George, while Al his first born and without doubt was the female version of him, his son took after Alice his wife. Al had her own fighting reputation and as you will find out she was a lesbian as well. She had no compulsion about using her size and strength to get what she wanted and that included rape.

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