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205. Love Is Invincible

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When beautiful young Lucille Winterton meets an exceedingly good-looking and very elegantly dressed gentleman while out riding, she knows instantly that this must be the notorious Marquis of Shawforde. When the unpopular old Marquis had died the village folk, including the Wintertons, had hoped he would be more welcoming to them – and evcn invite them to the famous parties at the Big House. They are disappointed – worse still the village is alive with gossip about the new Master’s decadent parties involving drinking, depravity and other “high jinks”.
Nevertheless the attraction between Lucille and the Marquis is irresistible and although he is unwillingly promised to another, the pair share secret trysts until the Marquis asks Lucille to marry him.
The Marquis’s brother hears of their dalliance and arrives to intervene. Mistaking her almost equally entrancing sister Delia for Lucille, Lord Kenyon becomes embroiled in a tangle of misunderstandings and, much worse, sinister intrigue. As the “Great Game” of international espionage brings death to their door, two brothers and two sisters prove that Love is Invincible.

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