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THE BOOK, is a modern-day classic ghost horror story. Joe King's twisted mind leads you on a guessing game, and just when you think you have figured it all out, you would be wrong!

Some books you read with impunity; other books should never be read. When a book offers you life from a certain death, do you read it? Follow all the instructions for the gift of a prolonged life? Many people would? But if the instructions were for you to kill someone, a loved one. What then? This dark tale shows you how far some people would actually go for that gift, life.

In part 2 of, THE BOOK. With the birth of their daughter Meghan, William and Kate think the past is well behind them, but soon realise that it never actually went away and now, the sentinels are waiting to collect what they have always been after, Meghan!

Just when William and Kate think they have figure out what is going on, Harry returns with some unexpected news, but can they trust him after the last time. As the mysterious happenings begin to unfold, it is clear them all that the sentinels will never leave them alone, not until they have come for what they have been waiting for. With time running out, William and Kate must make the hardest decision they will ever have to make, run, or face whatever the demons that will never leave them alone!

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