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Journey Back Home - Clean Inspirational Romance

42 pages33 minutes


Elainne is a woman who finds herself betrayed by life itself. Having spent her whole life up until now being a housewife and a mother of two exceptional boys, one day her marriage falls apart. Feeling betrayed, confused, and above all else determined to do the best for her children that she can, she does the only thing that a woman in her place can; she survives. 

Starting a new life in a small town, she starts working as a therapist in a place where people know each other by name. But before long, she starts second-guessing her choice. Why did she leave the big city, a place full of opportunities, both for her and her children? Does she have a future living in her hometown? What about her children? Will they fit in there? 

However, everything changes when she starts to fall for one of her patients, Trevor, forcing Elainne to examine her own life, what is important to her, and what she needs to be complete again.

A standalone romance story with no cliffhanger! 

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