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Ode to the Queen: Grace of Gods, #1

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After several millennia, the Greek Gods have awoken…

Unleashed from the depths of Tartarus the souls of the Gods returned to Earth, each claiming a vessel for themselves turning the lives of the chosen mortals upside-down. 

Savannah is an average college student. She worked her butt off to get accepted into an exchange program to Greece getting her out of the States for the first time in her life. Little does she know that the exchange she signed up for was not quite as the brochure described.

Trapped on Mount Olympus amidst the other new Gods, Savannah learns the hard way that mythology is real and more dramatic than she could have ever imagined. And naturally, it all centers around the King of the Gods himself, Zeus, or as he likes to be called these days – Aidan. 

With her heart on the line, Savannah embarks on a journey of self-discovery learning who her Goddess is and accepting that she's really been in there all this time.

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