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Veterans Party

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Wing Commander Subhash and his associates started a new political party titled 'Veterans Party', exclusively with ex-servicemen with the aim to fight the internal enemy – poverty, corruption, illiteracy and unemployment. Their rosy and colourful promises with maximum governance with least expenses was accepted by the populace which was evident from huge presence in their party rallies. Both ruling and opposition parties were in jittery of losing their grip over the voters, which they were enjoying since ages and they played various unscrupulous methods to malign the party including moral turpitude of the leaders. But the educated voters of Kerala, the tiny southernmost state in Indian peninsula, having high density of education, were confident of the capabilities of ex-servicemen and extended their full support.

The novel is full of events with ups and downs and flip flops in mass support and evil games played by few seasoned politicians to mar the surge of the newly formed Veterans Party. Ultimately, who will be the winner? Will the decision by the populace will be in favour of them? Very much applicable to the present political scenario. The wiliness played by few seasoned politicians make reading very interesting.

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