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Peace Valley Amish Series



To be a good wife, she needs him to be a good husband.

Get all 3-Books in ONE GREAT COLLECTION!

Abram doesn't want to scare his wife. He never meant to hurt her. Hannah wants to be a good wife, but to do that, she needs Abram to be a good husband. Sometimes, love is not enough. It will take grit, God, and a community coming together to give husband and wife to the tools to save their family, their marriage and themselves.

Book 1: Amish Love Be Kind - Pushed too far, an Amish woman must stand up for herself to save her marriage.

Book 2: Amish Love Be Patient - Abram broke his promise. Can she trust him again?

Book 3: Amish Love Be True - He's beaten the monster. For now.

Will Hannah and Abram be able to build a happy future together? Find out in Amish Peace Valley, Books 4-7, now in one beautiful collection.

Amish Peace Valley is an uplifting Christian series about the saving grace of faith, community, and love.

If you love a book about a husband overcoming his failings and finding the strength to love his wife truly, start reading Amish Love be True today!

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