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Genrefication 101: A School Librarian's Quick Guide on How to Genrefy the Library

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Genrefication is a new trend in both school and public libraries. Librarians all over the world are starting to organize their collections in new ways. In the midst of this move away from traditional organization, many librarians find themselves asking some important questions. Why is this trend so popular? Is it really making a difference for users? Will our readers be damaged for life if we don’t teach them how to function in “traditional” library organization?

If those questions sound familiar, you’ve found the right book for you. In this book, we will discuss:
• What it means to genrefy your library.
• Is genrefication right for you?
• Why genrefication is the worth the work.
• How to keep genrefication from taking over your life and making you crazy.
• Tips and tricks to make the process work even if you attempt it midyear.

Genrefication 101 is written for school librarians by a school librarian who has actually survived genrefying her own school’s library. With ideas for how to win over reluctant administrators, suggestions for a variety of ways to genrefy, and simple tips to make things go more smoothly, this book is a great resource for any school librarian who is considering genrefication.

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