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A New Life - Historical Western Romance

48 pages35 minutes


Rose O'Neil has a problem. Three problems, in fact. First, she has arrived in Denver, Colorado from Boston with very little money. Second, she has no relations in the city, no job and nowhere to stay. Third, she is pregnant. 

Wandering the streets of Denver, she knows that she will have to find a job quickly. That is when she comes upon a general store run by Jonah Henderson. Jonah is young, good looking and exceptionally kind, and not only offers Rose a position in his shop, but also teaches her both to read and to write. As they work together, Rose finds herself becoming more than a bit fond of Jonah, against her better judgment. But she has not told Jonah about the baby, and she knows as soon as she begins to show, she will have to leave Denver, the shop and Jonah behind forever. But, when complications arise in her pregnancy, she has to reveal the truth. Will Jonah accept her even in her condition? Will Rose finally find a place she can call home?

A Standalone Short Story with no cliffhanger! 

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