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Three Pugs, Somewhere in Wisconsin

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The pugs have grown up and have started their new lives. Bea has moved to Belgium, to become the headmistress (or warden) of Little Debbie. Cissy is moving to Montana. She will become the wife of Cop Joe and a professional fry cook. Ingah stays at the lake house in Sommerset, WI Ingah is lonely. Come along with me and witness the chaos when Ingah decides to adopt a puppy. The new puppy, Ohleh, is a challenge for Ingah. Ohleh, is a challenge for the entire neighborhood. Hold your breath while the small village of Summerset, WI searches for the run-away pug, Ohleh. Hope for the best when the neighbors and Captain Rio are not able to locate Ohleh. Hang on to your hat when Bea arrives via helicopter from Belgium to search for the lost pug. Will Summerset, WI be the same when Bea leaves? Will Bea leave? Be optimistic. Hope for the best. Remember, hope, faith and love are all we have.

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