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Morgellons, Rosacea, Acne & Co. and Diseases caused by synthetic cellulose forms in medicine, nutritional supplements and foods: Thoughts about old and new diseases of the skin

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Above all, this guide should help those affected and show them ways to deal with the problems of their skin.
In doing so, I revised and expanded on the condition already described in my first book, including the care recommendations. This processing includes the currently common medical treatment options, supplemented by naturopathic treatment alternatives, care recommendations and tips on nutrition etc.
Concerning the increasingly spreading skin disease rosacea, I show the common and well-known theories of emergence further development possibilities and offer as a result other treatment strategies, as well as tips for the care and strengthening of the skin.
Referring to the so-called fibrous disease (Morgellons), I was initially very skeptical myself when confronted with it for the first time. Through observation, research and trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that this disease is not imagination, but the cause of this is found in our foods.

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