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The Silent Grove



When war threatens, do you stand and fight, or flee for your life? Is this how a war begins, Bronwen wondered, with the little things? Shops sitting empty while ships in the harbor are forbidden to unload merchandise. No explanation forthcoming when an escaped prisoner begs to see their father, and then disappears. A neighbor's house, looted and burned to the ground. Rebels parading with guns. Then the final blow, their Loyalist family fleeing their beautiful home in New York, bound for Montreal.

On the eve of the American Revolution, two sisters suddenly find themselves alone in the northern wilderness town of Albany, and needing to shift for themselves. They are definitely out of their element when they are asked to deliver a warning to British troops at Ticonderoga. Desperate rebels, Mohawk Indians, Green Mountain Boys and Adirondack wilderness all stand in the way of their efforts to reunite with their family.

Their journey is long, and where will it take them?

To a place neither of them expected.

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