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Left Turn to the Promised Land: One Author's Journey of Writing, Business, and Walking by Faith

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An honest, enlightening, practical, and challenging look at what it means to be a writer in today's world—and to answer the call of God along the way.

Novelist, blogger, indie published author of more than thirty books—Rachel Starr Thomson has done it all on her journey to the promised land of life as a full-time writer, answering God's call to write words that matter and release them to the world.

Along the way she has faced down anxiety, illness, death (literally), and financial disaster, all forcing the question—Has God really called me?

And can it possibly be worth it?

"Agonizingly beautiful—Rachel succinctly conveys the doubts, fears, second-guessing, discouragement, overwhelm, and ecstatic joy that is the roller-coaster ride experienced by all who step out in faith to live a productive, successful writing life, attempting to find their way without losing their way. If God is calling you to be a writer, or a creative of any kind, take this journey with her. You will not regret a single step."—C.S. Lakin, LiveWriteThrive

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