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A Cape Cod Romance

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Can a "wash-a-shore" write a novel about Cape Cod? Can it have Fairy God Angels in it?

Set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this is the story of a modern day Cinderella who is a princess in disguise (aren't we all?), a handsome prince (of course) and two rather unusual Fairy God Angels who were sent to help our Cinderella figure out what she should do with her life! Chock full of sparkly Fairy Dust, many pots of Tea, with a totally surprise ending, the story is filled with insights into our own destinies. Touched with giggly humor and sprinkled liberally with Angel Dust, you will be swept away into the worlds of make-believe, (angels) and reality, plus given a guided tour of Cape Cod's unusual hidden beauty as seen through the eyes of a "wash-ashore' thrown into the bargain!

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