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50 Shades of a DJ Janet: Hot Tea Break Series, #3

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Don had always coloured within the lines until...

In this third episode of Jack Hacket's Hot Tea Break Series, you meet Don the DJ and Janet, another of his encounters, but not one of the dancers at his special lunchtime gigs, this time.

It's the 1980s; Don works as a DJ in a London pub, with a weekend lunchtime event with a difference! He has the privilege of spinning the discs and liaising with the exotic dancers. He had never worked with gorgeous girls before. He certainly never expected to be in such close contact with them.

Enter Janet, not a  dancer, but a lady who shares Don's passion for motorbikes. Little did Don know he wouldn't ever forget Janet's performance on a motorbike and elsewhere! 

What surprises and delights are in store for our DJ with Janet, one of his 50 shades? How far will they go on the motorbike and with peanut butter?
Get your tea break sized short story now to unravel Don and Janet's secrets... Enjoy!

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