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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Principles V11

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A combined eBook title containing all eptsoft STEM topics available in one place. The huge number of pages in this title does not allow us to include the interactive content of our other enhanced eBooks. See below.

First published in 1992 has been used extensively in schools & colleges worldwide and continually updated.

Now available as a mobile reference containing colourful images and calculations for over nine-hundred topics is ideally suited to tablet or phone digital devices.

Topic groups are selected from an extensive Table of Contents.

Technical descriptions are written in note form thereby avoiding large amounts of text and wherever possible images include additional notes highlighting relevant points.

All images are drawn using program code which insures the size and shape displayed reflects the actual default values for that topic i.e. angles and lengths.  Program code enables us to utilise all available screen colours making diagrams attractive and easy to understand.

Values shown in calculations are produced by running the calculations in code from the default values before displaying.

Enhanced eBooks: Using this combined STEM eBook in conjunction with our other enhanced eBook titles enable the reader to input their own values enabling exploration by inserting any values that would occur in a real situation whereby the graphics are redrawn to reflect those changes.

Here calculations can be also tested against any standard subject textbook to compare the results.

Interactive Technology when used in the classroom can motivate passive students by encouraging their active participation where STEM subjects are ideally suited to Mobile Interactive Technology.

Students are more likely to be comfortable with technology they understand i.e. their phone and can interact with, often preferring 'Learning-by-Doing' over traditional pencil and paper methods.

Full colour graphics that are redrawn for every input change will make the learning experience more enjoyable and effective as it encourages experimentation of real world situations as almost any practical values are accepted.

Students who struggle to be fully engaged in normal classroom activity can often achieve the unexpected once sat in front of a digital screen where they can learn without the embarrassment of full class exposure.

Mobile Interactive Technology can bring any STEM textbook to life by inserting printed values from the book into their mobile device and comparing the results.

Colourful visual presentation assists the learning process as students will more likely remember, thereby increasing their personal confidence as they believe they are learning more as a result. Knowing the content is on their phone encourages them to dip-in in a spare moment more than open a traditional textbook.

Conclusion: Students will spend more time engaged with the Mobile Interactive Technology than with a traditional textbook.

For each topic group students can TEST THEIR UNDERSTANDING by considering an open question whereby their ease of answering will provide an indication of personal progress.

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