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Evocation: The Complete Series: Evocation

628 pages9 hours


At the age of 18, Nena's already won the most prestigious circus competition there is, so she thinks life doesn't have much left in store for her.  So when she leaves home out of boredom, she doesn't expect things to start catching fire around her… or to discover that she has superpowers.

It's a good thing there's also friends to make on the long road.  They're just as confused about what to be doing with their lives as she is—and they also seem to have powers they can't explain.

But mysterious superpowers can't just be ignored.  And it may be that the world's on the brink of change…

EVOCATION is a fantasy new adult series, collected here in one volume for the very first time.  If you like origin stories about people getting superpowers and ushering in a new phase of the world, or have ever wondered what happens after a coming of age story, this series is for you.

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