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Wedding at the White House: A Jack Houston St. Clair Thriller

335 pages4 hours


The U.S. has recovered from the scandal that erupted when the world discovers the new First Lady stabbed her father to death when she was 16.

Eve is especially wary of her mother, Maggie, nursing her bruised ego back home in Savannah. When Vice President Dex White connects with Maggie during a speaking engagement, they strike up a relationship.

Pozo has succeeded in getting $15 million into offshore accounts for his "retirement fund." He is on track to get to $100 million, when he will disappear to a place where no one in Havana will ever find him. But he doesn't know that his regular hooker is sleeping with one of his top people, the lawyer Julio Aponte.

Jack enlists his trusted part-timer, the gay D.C. hair stylist Teddy Puckett, to handle the delicate task of following Rolando, Jonathan's boyfriend.

When Sam's mining partner comes to Washington a few days before the wedding, a major secret is revealed.

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