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Finding Faith: Jennie's Gifts, #3

206 pages2 hours


Fiction. Deanna must have a good reason for interrupting her best friend's vacation. And she has one, for she needs Jennie's help in finding a missing coed. 

Jennie is reluctant to assist for two reasons. For one, she's been looking forward to spending downtime with Jake at their lakefront cabin in Georgia. And secondly, she's never tried to use her Gifts to find a missing person before. But Deanna is persistent for time is of the essence. And when Jennie realizes that she knew the missing girl's parents years ago, she agrees she must help.

Her quest takes her into the mountains of North Carolina, where she's riding horses and all-terraine-vehicles. And deep inside the world of dreams, where she's deciphering visions, clues and symbols with her astral friends.

But will all this adventure help her in Finding Faith?


Also titled as "The Search"

"Once I started reading the books in the Jennie's Gifts Series I didn't want to put them down. You write very well and the stories are very comforting. I look forward to your next one." ~ Arlene Graves, RN

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