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Midnight Mass - The Break: An Amos Freeman Thriller

204 pages2 hours


Amos's personal life continues to spiral out of control as he deals with the fallout of the investigation.

When he discovers that his ex-partner was killed not by the robbers, but by a Wall Street financier fleeing the church after being robbed of millions in bearer bonds he'd been trying to steal from his firm, Amos is pointed onto a completely different path.

Charlie Kolsnar, that Wall Street operative, has decided to remain in New York, going undercover to get back the bonds stolen from him—and to exact revenge for the people that have ruined the future he'd planned for himself in South America.

Then, when the media expose Amos as the unlikely hero uncovering clues revealing who the robbers are, he suddenly finds that, as in a bad nightmare, instead of running from him, the killers are instead coming after him, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, and some of those bodies ar very close to home.

Too close to home.  

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