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Do you have a life vision? Need career advice? Have you ever asked yourself: "What is my purpose and life assignment?"

This book takes you beyond the good ideas of men. The book is designed to take you out of every confusion in life, and guide you step-by-step to discover your hidden destiny or life purpose, choose the right career, move from nasty jobs to real work, invest in the right business, get the right employment, plan for your future and children, Get inner peace, great wealth, and good health, overcome problems concerning job, retirement, health and other crisis.

This book does exactly that. It walks you through how you can discover your make up and divine assignment, cast your life vision and mission, and generates 3-7 businesses you're designed to do. The first five chapters tells you why your destiny is unknown to you, the real meaning of destiny, the benefits of walking in your destiny, a review of those who missed their destiny, and how God conscript men who walked in His ways to their divine assignment.

In the sixth chapter, the author shares his life experiences on how God drafted him to his divine assignment. In Chapters seven to ten, the author guides you to discover your real work, career, business, and mission that God uniquely designed for you on earth. The author wraps up the book by leading you prayerfully to your divine destiny and releases prophetic anointing for total breakthroughs upon your life.

Do you want to achieve greatly in life like Katie Souza, Kenneth Hagin, Matthew Robert Payne, Nick Vujicic, Priscilla Shirer, Queen Afua, Ryan Lestrange, Tb Joshua, Td Jakes, Uebert Angel, Creflo dollar, Daniel okpara, d.a carson, Charles Capps, Cindy Trimm, Dr Juanita Bynum, Dr Olukoya and other reknowned personalities, then discover yourself today throuh the wisdom in this book.

Areas of relevance includes in pursuit of purpose, living on purpose, living your dreams, entrepreneur ideas, developing soft skills, finding your calling, finding your purpose, best business ideas, discovering careers, discovering your purpose, find your passion, knowing yourself, goals in life, vision and mission.

Welcoming you to a life of knowing who you are and what God designed you to do. You will not be able to stop reading it until you've read it completely and added the wisdom in it to your life.

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