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The Bedrock Trilogy



In this dark and compulsive debut somewhere along the lines of Fatal Attraction meets Unfaithful comes a thrilling, addictively suspenseful, and haunting story that grabs the reader, and holds them captive until the very end. For fans of psychological thrillers, suspense, and the forbidden, Bedrock hands us a deceptively beautiful tale. 

Addison Greyer is very good at what she does. Turns out, that's bad for a woman in her situation. 

William Hartman is haunted by his past. 

Addison Greyer is living a lie. 

They aren't meant to be together. That much is clear by what is keeping them apart. 

But there's just something about that which is forbidden... 

And William isn't good at losing. He never quite learned how. 

With the two of them separated by a madman, public opinion, and a marriage that seems to be unraveling by the hour, the pressure mounts, and Addison soon realizes the price she'll pay to keep everyone else happy. 

Until becomes pretty clear that some rules were made to be broken. 

The Bedrock Series: Books 1-3 includes the first three books (plus a bonus chapter) in the captivating romantic thriller series readers describe as "a gripping story about life's choices." If you like breakneck pacing, ruthless villains, and heart-stopping romance, then you'll love Britney King's bestselling series. 

600+ pages. Find out why readers have fallen for Britney King's bestselling series. 

Buy the box set to get three books you won't want to put down!

Series Praise 

"Clever, intense and addictive." 

"A surprising debut. Epic storytelling full of edge- of- your- seat suspense."


"Hypnotic and breathtakingly romantic."

"Bold and in your face from the get-go."

"A twisty and edgy page-turner. The perfect psychological thriller." 

"I read this novel in one sitting, captivated by the words on the page. The suspense was startling and well-done."

"Dark and complex." 

"Exhilarating and suspenseful." 

"A fascinating tale of marriage, secrets, and deception." 

"Fast-paced and thrilling." 

"A cunning tale that won't let go..."


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