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Tournament of the Gods



When an attempt to restore his magical powers goes wrong, Braim Kotogs must win the Tournament of the Gods in order to ascend to godhood and avoid certain death. But with time running out, and a sudden attack on the Tournament by an enemy that wishes to consume the whole world, Braim might not live long enough to win the Tournament.

Raya Mana also wishes to win the Tournament of the Gods, but to do so, she must not only complete the final challenge in her bracket, but also survive a sudden interruption in the Tournament from an enemy who desires to kill her. If she fails to win the final challenge in her bracket, then she will not only lose her one and only chance at godhood, but her life as well.

With the golems rampaging across Ruwa, Carmaz Korva must work with a human-eating god to save his people and the world from the golems' invasion. But when it turns out that the golems have the support of an enemy even stronger than the gods, Carmaz might not be able to save his homeland from the enemy within.

In the final Tournament of the Gods book, Braim, Raya, and Carmaz face their most difficult challenge yet, because not only must they win the Tournament of the Gods, but they also must save the world from an enemy whose power dwarfs that of the gods.

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