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Fatal First Contact

391 pages6 hours


Ryan Lucas is the sole owner of the world’s largest privately owned security company, Globalsec. Ryan involves himself in a secret mission to save the daughters and wife of a diplomat and leads one of his elite commando squads to locate and save the women from criminals in a volatile country.

But the mission takes on a bizarre twist and Ryan finds himself kidnapped by an alien race of beings that desperately need his skill and help. Ryan will risk everything, including his life, to carry out this extraordinary mission and face his greatest challenge ever. No training or experience has prepared him for this unique mission alone and without his beloved and loyal Privateers. Unbeknown to Ryan, the consequences of his success or failure will reach not only back to Earth, but his own family.

Will Ryan and his brave Privateers finally meet their match, or will Ryan pull one last winning card from the deck that will save the universe?

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