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Permanent Employee: Best Practices Handbook

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The Only Book That will Impact Your Workplace Environment, Career and Livelihood

Permanent Employee: Best Practices Handbook is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to change from being a mediocre level employee to becoming a superstar employee. This book is written from a personal perspective and offers employee insights based on over three decades of real life experiences providing over forty-five life changing employee best practices that will significantly impact your career.

Permanent Employee:Best Practices Handbook is written to help employees to understand the value of best practices, to apply best practices that are recognized by colleagues and management in any workplace.

The Permanent Employee: Best Practices Handbook is the doorway to your employee success by providing you with the changes you need to create a new career image, to enhance your working relationships with colleagues and management, lower your stress level, become a real team player, learn office etiquette, add skill sets, become an invaluable asset for any company, increase your self-esteem and confidence, receive earned promotions and pay increases and much, much more.

The Permanent Employee: Best Practices Handbook is the key to your employee success, so you can:

Secure your present or future career Be a valuable asset to any employer Experience happiness and excitement every morning when going to work Receive salary increases because you earned them Elevate your life style Increase your skill sets Advance your career Feel secure about your job and career Look forward to interacting with colleagues and friends Feel confident in meetings Improve your current work practices Enhance your workplace and career knowledge Understand what coworkers and management respect Feel comfortable and confident in any workplace Receive promotions because you earned it Become a key employee in any organization Increase your performance and efficiency Improve your organizational skills Become a team player Drastically reduce your stress Taking control of your career, job and life Be on the road to employee success regardless if you are a new or experienced employee Establish high–esteem and admiration by colleagues and management Establish a high level of professionalism

Nothing is stopping you from making changes to receive all the benefits of having a new self-image that will truly impact your whole life. All you have to do is make a sound commitment and follow through with it. What are you waiting for?

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