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Six Scifi Stories Volume One

163 pages2 hours


Welcome to six of the most amazing science fiction stories you'll ever read. This volume includes five full-length scifi e-book stories plus an exclusive bonus short story for one low price. In these pages, Robert Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the wildest places and people you've never imagined. You've never met anyone quite like Luther Paraclete, the serial killer who brings murder to a peace-loving alien world...Dr. Hildegarde Medici, the mad scientist worshipped from afar by her assistant, Glugor...Smidgen the snack cake, a high tech pastry with murder in his ultrachocolatey heart...Nevada, the computer-generated sergeant-at-arms of the electronic House of Representatives of tomorrow...or Manny the Ration, an edible man who feeds more than empty stomachs in an alien landscape gone berserk. This volume includes six scifi stories for one low price.

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