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Six Scifi Stories Volume Three

170 pages2 hours


In these pages, Robert Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the wildest places and people you've never imagined.  You've never met anyone quite like Heavy, the alien wheeler-dealer with a hundred faces...Imago, the stained glass robot on the trail of the last proto-Christ...Vladimir Lenin, a shapeshifting alien who starts the Communist Revolution…Father Obregon, the genetically-modified space priest...Grist Halcyon, sleepless pilot of a deadly Battlenaut war machine…or the Freedom Shell, an assistive exoskeleton with a murderous mind of its own. Don't miss these edgy, exciting, and surprising science fiction tales by a Star Trek and Doctor Who author.  It's the latest collection from award-winning storyteller Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch. This volume includes six scifi e-book stories and novelettes for one low price.

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