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The Daily Tarot: 365 Days of Tarot Advice

709 pages2 hours


What would your life be like if you had daily guidance and advice from a trusted source?

The Daily Tarot is your guide through the next 365 days of tarot exploration and learning. With this book (and the companion journal), you will discover creative, simple, and clear guidance from your tarot cards, every single day.

Perfect for tarot beginners as well as advanced readers, each day includes a randomly selected tarot card that acts as a Daily Draw or Tarot Card Of The Day. Each day includes a short description of the tarot card meaning, simple and actionable advice, and a related question to be used as a tarot journal prompt, meditation guide, or deeper investigation into the cards.

Written by Angie Green, best selling author and the creator of The Simple Tarot Deck, this book is designed to be used quickly each day to guide your regular tarot practice. With a few minutes each day, you will gain understanding about the day ahead, strengthen your intuition, and integrate the tarot into your daily life.

Get this book now to make the next 365 days fun, easy, and filled with simple tarot advice…

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