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Paladin's Hell: Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter, #1

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I was nineteen when I became Jayden's knight in shining armour, her Paladin. At only fourteen, she developed a teenage crush on me, the man who rescued her.

I gave her time to grow, waiting for her feelings to mature. As years, when I was forbidden to touch her, passed, I never doubted she was mine. I just wasn't allowed to show it.

Circumstances send us to Colorado, away from the restrictions and over-protective brothers. At last we have a chance to be together.

What could be better?

What could be worse?

A new club. A new life. Out of my depth, I don't fit in.

A different president and his old lady who've been married thirty-six years. That their marriage is on shaky ground spills over into how they treat us. For some reason, Hellfire and Moira want to force Jayden and I apart.

Jay and I are just beginning. Or, is it the end?

After all this time, will we make it work? Or have the years I've spent waiting been wasted?

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