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A Little Christmas Magic (The Cowboy & The Librarian)

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What if your book boyfriend came to life?

Paige Ridgeway moved away from home after a bad breakup with her longstanding boyfriend, Karl. A year has passed, yet she needs to prove herself as an independent woman more than ever. With a great job at a Central Florida library, her own comfy apartment, and a growing group of friends, she's has all she needs for a new start.

Reading a paperback picked up at a discount table was supposed to be entertainment.

Sterling Newcombe was just a name in a book, a fictional cowboy any woman would dream about. Until a strange occurrence involving a vintage book and a real encounter with one of Santa's elves. Now, with every chapter Paige reads, he comes to life. It's as if he speaks to her and they are searching for each other. Which, thinking logically, is ridiculous.

Yet, the meaning of it all comes full circle when she hears she isn't alone in her odd reading experience. Magical things can happen at Christmas, the healing of hearts, hope for the future, and maybe true love if she'll only believe.

A holiday fantasy romance where books come to life, by author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

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