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The Stepsister's Prince: The Royal Wedding, #3

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For someone who studies Vikings, he's like a dream come true. Too bad he's about to become family!

Prince Kristoff's mother—the queen of Aegiria—is getting remarried…to a bumbling, adorkable American scientist. And honestly, Kristoff couldn't care less, as long as he can be left alone to sail, free climb, hang glide, and all the other stuff he'd much rather be doing instead of sitting around the palace in a suit.

Except…his soon-to-be stepfather has the most charming (if slightly awkward) daughter. And Kristoff is finding himself very interested in her, especially when he finds out she knows how to sail.

Cassandra Hayes figured "cute" was the best she could ever hope to be, so when her soon-to-be-stepbrother—the hunky Viking look-alike Kristoff—asks her to be his partner in the upcoming Regatta, she's flattered. And excited. And nervous as heck. Add in the complications of a bet with a perfectly beautiful woman fighting for Kristoff—with Kristoff as the stake!—and Cass is in real trouble.

But the more time she spends with Kristoff, and the more they realize how well they mesh, the more Cass decides this is trouble she doesn't mind. Who cares if someone is trying to stop the royal wedding? Who cares if there's another woman intent on winning Kristoff? Who cares if Cass can't manage to go out for a sail without clumsily bringing down the mainsail?

Well, actually, that last one might be kinda important…

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