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Crimson Dragons: The Box Set

564 pages8 hours


Now get the three books in the Crimson Dragons series in a complete box set!

Kallore, Corde and Vanek are the first three dragons awakened from deep sleep. They're asked to fight, but these fire-breathing monsters won't just help for free. They need to get paid, and more importantly, they need to find their mates. 

The creatures facing these dragons are horrible and powerful beyond human imagination, but they've never been up against a dragon before. Life and light versus death and darkness. These ancient beings are lovers beyond compare, and in a fight for the human race, it will be their capacity to love that will show them how to win. If they can just figure out how before it's too late.

Read along as this trio of fiery warriors returns to a world that cast them out, in a quest for love and salvation that will have consequences the world over.

Included in this box set:

Dragon Temptation: Kallore
Dragon Seduction: Corde
Dragon Devotion: Vanek

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