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Skin Tight

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A pair of expensive gloves brings together one couple. But will secrets of the past tear them apart?

Karli Logan loves a well-made pair of gloves. You might say they are her passion. Until she meets corporate attorney, Zach Fontaine. When Zach sees Karli trying on a pair of Saliente gloves—his grandfather’s highly sought after brand—in his sister’s boutique, he’s determined that nothing will keep him from discovering everything about her.

But getting to know the "real" Karli isn’t as easy as Zach would like. She’s a woman with secrets, and not eager to trust anyone. Yet once the passion between them erupts, Zach plans to keep her close to him—skin tight—with no avenue of escape.

Although Karli may look like a refined, elegant, and delicate woman who should be treated like fine china, when it comes to the bedroom, being handled with kid gloves is the last thing on her mind. Can the fiery desires building between these two lovers hold Karli’s past at bay? And what will Zach do if he finally learns the secret Karli’s been keeping from him?

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