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For Always and Ever

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For Always and Ever: Book #13 in the McCullough Romance Series.

When Rain MacKenzie crashes a McCullough family wedding in order to meet Mairi McCullough, the singer whom he has hired as his opening act, sparks fly. The good kind. The kind that convince Mairi's family that if they go near the two singers when they're standing side by side, they might suffer an electrical shock.

Their attraction is instantaneous. But once they're honest with each other, they discover that it started several years before. For Mairi, seven years ago when she was a teenager and sneaked out and went to San Francisco to see one of Rain's early concerts when his career as a rock singer was just taking off. For Rain, five years ago when he wandered into a café in that same city and heard a beautiful young singer caressing the words to a folk song with her angelic voice. But believing that she was jailbait, he left without meeting her.

Haunted by the memory and never being able to get that voice or face out of his mind, Rain doesn't stop searching for her. Years later, after he finds her again, he asks her to be his opening act. However, while the rock star admires and appreciates her authenticity and her passion for folk and big band era music, his label, agent, and publicist do not. Rain refuses to give up on making it work. He finally faces the truth--someone has to compromise and very possibly change. The question is, will he encourage Mairi to become someone she isn't? Or will he give up something, possibly his image and fame, in order to be with the woman he loves?

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