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Gracie's Wild Adventures

56 pages12 minutes


As seen in People Magazine, The Dodo, The Daily Mail and other media outlets around the world, Gracie's Wild Adventures is a wonderful story that children and adults can enjoy.

"Hi little birdie, you must be lost," said Dina as she scooped up the tiny little nestling in her hands. With no mommy bird in sight, Dina brought the baby inside. Little did she know of the impact that she would have on the baby bird or that the baby bird would have on her. Soon after his release back to the wild, Dina... Gracie's human mommy, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and Gracie was by her side every step of the way. If you are looking for a story with inspiring strength and courage, Gracie's Wild Adventures has it, and so much more. Gracie's Wild Adventures will make you smile, laugh and even shed a tear but in the end, hands and well, wings will be raised in this spirited celebration of life. The book also contains 60 unplanned, candid photographs taken in their natural setting that help to bring you into this incredible true story.

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